VA Pittsburgh: Elevator Additions

As the prime contractor, Apogee Consulting Group provided the mechanical, electrical, and engineering design and project management for the construction of one new cart lift and two new elevator banks at separate locations at the VA Pittsburgh Medical Center campus.

The integration of these additions required the renovation of existing floor space at various levels in order to integrate new elevator stops and the creation of additional space for the new elevator towers.

Design elements and services included:

  • Incorporation of VA Pittsburgh Master Space Plan elements to ensure compliance with space criteria
  • Complete replacement of existing HVAC system to include removal of the fan coil units and replacement with VAV units
  • Development of bid alternatives as necessary to meet budgetary limitations
  • Asbestos abatement in the renovated space, including monitoring of abatement activities, air sampling, and final TEM clearances of containment areas
  • Evaluation and design modifications to other systems servicing the space, such as electrical distribution, plumbing, fire alarm and sprinkler
  • Architectural redesign of existing floor space to create new elevator lobbies for one twelve-stop elevator, one three-stop elevator, and one SPD cart lift
  • Structural design for a twelve-level elevator shaft in the existing facility
  • Development addressed in multiple phases to allow for ongoing hospital operations
  • Development of construction contract drawings and specifications
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