VA Pittsburgh: Roof Replacements

Apogee Consulting Group was the prime contractor for designing the roof replacement of Buildings 50 & 51 at the Pittsburgh VA Medical Center Heinz campus.


The existing roof was a single-ply membrane with ballast over sheet insulation. This was replaced with a new adhered single-ply membrane roof. Insulation now meets current ASHRAE-90.1 requirements of R-25 for this climate zone and construction type.

Structural repairs were made at existing skylights, ladders, railings, and supports. Guardrails were installed where required for fall protection.


Abandoned mechanical equipment was removed with ductwork capped below the roof. Equipment surfaces, ducts, and supports were cleaned, primed, and repainted. Existing pipe penetrations, such as plumbing vents, were flashed and sealed. All roof drains were reset with height adjusted as required to facilitate the roof replacement.


Electrical work included the disconnection and reconnection of existing mechanical equipment, some of which required the extension of the electrical power where its curb has been raised. Several conduits were removed from the roof and their respective circuit re-run within the interstitial space.

All shutdowns were scheduled and coordinated to prevent interruption to the facility.

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