VA Poplar Bluff: Safety Generator

As the prime contractor, Apogee Consulting Group provided project management and design for the replacement of the life safety generator, wiring, controls, alarms, and associated transfer switches, renovating the underground storage tank and fuel system.

Elements of the project include:


  • Existing life safety generator housing and surrounding site
  • Existing fuel storage area
  • Proposed area of new equipment housing
  • Existing utilities and area of proposed utility locations or runs
  • Location of proposed temporary facilities
  • Investigation of the subsurface for the new location of proposed facility
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Investigation of the subsurface for proposed facility for foundation design

Design development requirements

  • Existing load vs. maximum of existing/future
  • Amperage draw on existing transfer switches
  • Fuel tank sizing and location
  • OSHA, NFPA 70E requirements in Bldg. 20 or proposed bldg.
  • Environmental considerations during construction
  • Temporary facilities during construction
  • Safety and traffic control (pedestrian and vehicular)

Construction period services

  • Consultation to the government, answer requests for information (RFIs, and other inquiries from the construction contractor, contracting officer or contracting officer’s representative
  • Provide personnel to monitor major construction
  • Procure commissioning agent to act on behalf of the government
  • Provide final as-built drawings
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