VA Richmond: ICU Privacy Renovation

Apogee is the prime contractor for the renovation of the intensive care unit (ICU) located in Building 500.

Design elements include demolition, structural, architectural, interior, equipment/furnishings, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, electronic/security, healthcare technology systems, and environmental.

The project addresses patient privacy, workflow, aesthetics and space deficiencies and includes a portion of the adjacent cardio clinic.

The existing 14-single room ICU rooms are replaced with larger, fully outfitted single-bed ICU patient rooms with head walls and dialysis capability.

The rooms are designed to be a combination of standard, bariatric and isolation types.

Renovation areas include:

  • ICU Patient Rooms
    • 5 standard ICU rooms
    • 1 bariatric ICU room
    • 1 isolation ICU room
    • 1 bariatric isolation ICU room
  • Call room
  • Three offices
  • Four team rooms
  • Family conference room
  • Family waiting room
  • Nourishment room
  • Medication room
  • Equipment room
  • Clean sterile supply room
  • Soiled utility room
  • Staff bathroom, break room

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