VA Richmond: MRI Laboratories

Apogee Consulting Group is the prime contractor for this project to construct new MRI imaging laboratory areas and associated control/administrative/spaces located on the first floor of Building 500 at the Richmond VA Medical Center.

This project creates space for two additional MRI laboratories by constructing an addition that is adjacent to the existing MRI laboratory and within the footprint of the current mobile MRI lab.

The addition will be full-height construction with interstitial space and will be designed for the future expansion of one additional floor with interstitial space. The construction requires phasing and the design includes site prep for relocating a mobile MRI.

The first phase of construction will include the pad and all utilities (power, communications, water, sewer, etc.) for the relocated mobile MRI.

Design of the new MRI laboratory spaces and control room space will incorporate all necessary site preparation (utilities, structural, communication, etc.) required to accommodate the equipment being installed in the space.

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