VA Richmond: SPS Renovation

Apogee provided MEP services to renovate the existing SPS area located on the basement floor of Building 500. The renovation includes approximately 6,000 SF within the space.

The project included the remodeling and reconfiguration of space to optimize material/workflow, personnel and air circulation. The renovation centralized seven semi-critical sterile processing services (SPS) areas scattered throughout the facility into one SPS area in the lower level of Building 500.

Core elements of the project included:

  • Creation of a state-of-the-art SPS unit
  • Replacement/new HVAC and controls
  • Provision of adequate material and workflow
  • Maximization of space utilization to support increased OR and dental workload
  • Removal of SPS restroom/locker room
  • New sterilizer and wash/disinfect equipment with domestic cold-water service, reverse osmosis water, and floor drains with RO water extended to one faucet of the five decontamination sinks for rinse to ultra-sonic washers, and wash/disinfect equipment
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