VA Salt Lake City: ICU Suite

Under an IDIQ contract, Apogee is designing an expansion of the third floor ICU suite to accommodate additional private patient rooms as part of a consolidation of medical and surgical ICU programs.

New patient rooms will include ceiling lifts that run into the bathrooms, dialysis connections, recessed exam lights and patient service wall units. The patient service walls will establish a new standard for the unit.

The primary scope will be within the D-wing and B- wing of the third floor. Some minor impact will occur on the adjacent floors during the installation of plumbing lines. Budget permitting, the floor and wall finishes throughout the third floor D-wing and impacted area of B-wing will be replaced.

The existing floor is mostly VCT with some carpet in a few offices. These will be changed to a specialty vinyl tile or sheet vinyl flooring to meet current design guides. Walls will receive fresh paint and new wall protection.

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