VA Sioux Falls: Generator Upgrade

The project includes the partial refurbishment of an existing 13.8kW 2MW diesel generator, removal of an existing 12,000-gallon fuel oil tank and associated piping and controls, and the removal of the primary conductors.

Apogee is providing two medium voltage 13.8kW 2MW Generators, one 13.8kV 1,200-amp paralleling switchgear, one 13.8kV 1,200-amp automatic throw switchgear, MV duct banks, and cabling.

The project includes a 400A 208Y/120V panelboard in a metal-enclosed switchgear building that feeds a 100A panelboard for low-voltage devices and lighting.

The project also includes excavation, paving, concrete, and metal structure to support the generators and new switchgear building and the installation of a new underground 50,000-gallon oil tank with new oil piping and controls.

Landscaping is included with new trees and regrading of the area following construction.

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