VA St. Louis: FCA

Under a JV IDIQ contract, Apogee was tasked to provide architectural and engineering services to correct FCA deficiencies at Building 1, 51, and 52 at the Jefferson Barracks Campus.

The projects included renovation of existing spaces to support relocated campus functions, upgrade spinal cord rooms, and the replacement of aging building materials.

Specific projects include:

Building 1: New Pain Clinic and New Police Center

The project included renovation of the first-floor east wing into a new pain clinic to house new patient registration and waiting areas, eight spinal cord exam rooms, medical support staffing areas, public and employee restrooms, and pain clinic support spaces.

The remaining portion of the east wing was designed to house a new police center, which includes officer open plan workstation space, men’s and women’s locker room and restrooms, training spaces, an interview room and holding cell, a small kitchenette, and NOC. The existing spaces were completely gutted and renovated to comply with programmatic requirements and VA design standards.

Building 51: Mental Health Building Window, Door and Glazing Improvements

The project included the replacement of exterior window assemblies for mental health patient rooms throughout Building 51 as well as the replacement of patient room doors, secured vestibule doors, and interior glazed wall assemblies.

All design work was completed to be compliant with the VHA’s Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist requirements. Significant care was taken to design a phased construction approach to permit patient occupancy during construction.

Building 52: Lobby Renovation, Spinal Cord Patient Room Renovations

The project included the replacement of the Building 52 lobby finishes to provide a more contemporary and welcoming environment for patients.

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