VA Wilmington: Backup Power

Apogee is the prime contractor for this project to construct an on-site, standby electrical generation plant to sustain operations of the Wilmington VA Medical Center during extended power outages.

Emergency power will be provided to the normal power system with essential systems loads (life safety, critical/critical equipment) serviced by local generators at the facility.

Apogee reviewed the energy load profiles for the campus from 2016 through 2018 to determine maximum peak demand before determining that a single 1,000-kW generator could support the current emergency demand load not supported by the local emergency generators in addition to any projected campus growth.

The existing portion of the campus electrical load (Life Safety/Critical Systems) will remain on the local emergency generator sets already in place. Future considerations in the design include the addition of a second 1,000-kW generator to provide system redundancy.

An equipment yard supports the generator sets, paralleling switchgear, and a 1,000-kW load bank for connection to any of the generators.

The project also includes excavation, paving, concrete and a metal structure to support the generators, provision of three 15,000-gallon above-ground fuel tanks on concrete slab located below the generator area with welded fuel pipe, support structures, and fuel equipment.

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