VA Denver: Med Gas and Vac

This project involved the replacement of a dental vacuum pump, existing primary dental air compressor, back-up dental air compressor, refrigerated air dryer, and added a new chlorine dioxide water disinfection system to the campus water supply.

A new structure was designed adjacent to the facilities’ domestic water backflow prevention device to house the chlorine dioxide injection system, which was sized to allow the campus domestic water system to be routinely flushed with chlorine dioxide.

The system consists of a two-part chemical mix method, mixing sodium chlorine and hydrochloric acid to produce the chlorine dioxide solution. System equipment includes a two-part chemical container, chemical mixing valve, and chemical injection dosing pump, chemical flow meter, water flow meter, and chemical/water solution monitor.

The dental vacuum system was replaced with a new turbine-style vacuum pump package sized to match the system capacity of 167 CFH and provided for 100 percent redundancy.

The liquid, ring-style dental air compressor system was replaced with a new oil-less, duplex scroll-type compressor system sized to match the existing compressors capacity of 65 CFM and provided for N+1 redundancy.

The systems were installed adjacent to existing systems and phased to minimize downtime.

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