VA Durham: Service Elevators Upgrade

As part of an IDIQ contract on which Apogee is a prime contractor, we responded to an emergency task order to modernize two gearless traction service elevators, allowing them to perform for another 25 years without major repairs.

Elevator upgrades include:

  • New microprocessor controllers that allow the elevators to operate as a duplex system that responds in an efficient manner
  • New hoisting machines and new AC motors allowing for efficient lifting of cars and speed
  • New cab upgrades, lighting, fixtures, flooring, car doors, and sills, which bring the cabs up to code standards
  • New speed governors and safeties

New cab upgrades:

  • Brushed steel wall panels
  • Modular LVT by Mannington, nature’s path Via hard surface flooring
  • LED downlights with brushed stainless panels ceiling
  • Metal-clad, 3-inch-wide aluminum extruded handrail and guard rails with minimum mounting space from the wall panels to maximize cab space and mounting height that meets ADA requirements
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