VA East Orange: Distribution Generator

Apogee was the prime contractor for this electrical distribution generator and lighting replacement project, incorporating the latest short-circuit and arc flash standards for the East Orange VA campus.

Apogee’s work on this project included:

  • Existing generators CN-2 and DN – provision of new equipment enclosures equipped with heat, ventilation and lighting to protect previously installed medium-voltage transfer switches and associated electrical equipment from severe weather
  • Building 1 – replacement of obsolete, deteriorated panels and replacement of 208Y/120V, 1,600-Amp unit substation ‘CE’, consisting of a 5kV fused switch, 500kVA, 4,160V-208Y/120V dry-type service transformer, and 1,600-Amp, 208Y/120V, Type II switchboard with draw-out circuit breakers
  • Building 6 – Replacement of main panel with a new 225-amp rated panel and replacement of 100-amp feeder for this panel coming from Building #7 with a new 230-amp, #4/0 AWG, four-wire feeder
  • Building 7 – replacement of two existing branch circuit panel boards with new panels having the same ratings
  • Building 8 – replacement of four branch circuit panel boards in the boiler plant with new panels
  • Steam tunnel – replacement of branch circuit panel board LP-1 with a new panel having the same ratings
  • Building 15 generator and service equipment – Replacement of generator, service equipment switchgear, primary service transformers, automatic transfer switch, motor control center and associated panel boards
  • Building 15 lighting equipment – replacement of obsolete lighting equipment with new, modern lighting equipment

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