VA Grand Junction: SPS Renovation

Apogee Consulting Group performed design services for the renovation of the Grand Junction VA Medical Center’s sterile processing service (SPS) area and HVAC system to bring these systems into compliance with new VA guideline requirements.

The Apogee team began the project with scenario planning and developed five different design options for the sterile processing services (SPS) renovation, which included modifications of the support areas adjacent to the SPS decontamination and sterile sides of the space.

Work includes:

  • Existing sterilizer and wash/disinfect equipment reinstalled and reconnected to existing domestic cold-water service and reverse osmosis water
  • Correct all air flow and space condition requirements
  • Correct all staff safety issues with floor layout and workflow
  • Install cart washer pass through for unit
  • Install visual real time monitoring system for temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure with occupant alerts
  • Install hard ceilings
  • Install decontamination area floor drains
  • Provide for clean and dirty closet spaces
  • Provide supervisor office space
  • Install an intercom system
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