VA Huntington: Backup Generator

Apogee constructed an on-site, diesel electrical generation plant to sustain operations of the Huntington VA Medical Center during extended electrical outages of utility company service.

The power generation plant will operate the entire medical center during a long-term outage. The plant is sized to support all of the facility’s electric needs including chillers and air handlers under summer load.

The project includes new transformers, panel boards, transfer, paralleling switchgear, associated control systems, construction of a support platform for the generators, switchgear, and a platform for fuel storage tanks and retaining walls.

The plant consists of three 1,750 kW, 5-kV engine generators to provide an N+1 configuration, which offers limited redundancy so that demand load can be met with one generator.

The 5-kV supply system consists of three, pad-mounted 34.5 kV – 4,160Y/2,400V service transformers, each providing separate services to three discrete, 5-kV switchgear busses in the switch-house. The alternate source for each transfer pair is fed from the new 5-kV circuit breakers in the gear.

The switchgear has four other circuit breakers, three of which feed the alternate source connections of the transfer pairs. The fourth feeds a permanent 2,000-kW load bank.

This project further includes the removal of three spans of existing 35-kV overhead power lines and four existing power poles. New underground duct banks with new 35-kV feeders replace the removed overhead construction.

A new concrete pull-vault was installed near the new structure and a new, 35-kV, pad-mounted, five-way distribution switchgear was installed to re-feed the three existing transformers.

Thirty-six thousand gallons of fuel storage supports the facility load for 96-hours. There is a sub-base day-tank integral to each engine-generator and four large fuel storage tanks are located in the spaces beneath the platform that support the generator plant.

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