VA Iowa City: Hematology, Oncology

Apogee is the prime contractor on this renovation to update areas of the hematology and oncology suites and streamline the logistical workflow of the rooms on the eighth floor west wing (8W) of the main medical center and eight additional infusion cubicles.

The project includes exam rooms and offices, men’s and women’s locker rooms, patient restrooms, and updates the Chemo IV prep pharmacy area to USP 800 standards.

The design utilizes the existing building structure for the most efficient and budget-conscious project and creates a cohesive look that is appealing while providing a comfortable setting and relaxing environment for patrons and families.

The project reviews and accounts for renovation (demolition/removal, or modification) of electrical, telecom, life safety, and related patient service systems. Upgrades to finishes in the lobbies and corridors are included in the scope of work.

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