VA Muskogee: Chiller Plant Upgrade

Apogee is the prime contractor for this central chiller plant upgrade at the Muskogee VA hospital.

The plant consists of two 900-ton chillers and one 450- ton water-cooled chiller.

The major scope of work for the project consists of replacing existing chilled water plant (chillers, primary pumps, heat exchanger, cooling towers and condenser water pumps) with new chillers, pumps, heat exchanger and cooling towers.

The condenser water will be provided with a water treatment system and existing controls will be replaced with full DDC controls. Existing Niagara controls will be re-used to the extent possible.

The chiller plant room will also be provided with a new emergency ventilation system. The intent of the project is to reuse existing primary chilled water loop and condenser water mains, however, the condition of existing piping will be further investigated.

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