VA Wilkes-Barre: Oncology Renovation

The goal of this oncology department renovation was to improve the level of care for veterans by providing better sightlines for the nursing staff and patient comfort with lighting and HVAC changes to create a more home-like environment.

Design highlights include:

  • Use of innovative and energy-efficient lighting such as controls and occupancy sensors for general and accent purposes to create a warm and appealing environment for patients, families, and hospital staff.
  • Modifications made to existing systems with minimal interruption to daily routines
  • Per VA guidelines, the energy consumption target was 30% below ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline building where obtainable and feasible
  • Sprinkler branch piping and heads were redesigned to accommodate the new architectural floor plan while existing sprinkler mains required modifications to accommodate new ductwork routing
  • Two separate VAV systems with fully ducted supply and return pathways and zoned perimeter heating around the exterior
  • All existing systems were completely demolished and removed in the 4th floor area
  • Detailed duct routing and coordination to promote large ceiling heights over the infusion bays and nurse station
  • Domestic water distribution system complied with facilities current legionella requirements and all lavatories, water closets, and sinks featured touch-free operation
  • Medical gases were routed to the new infusion suite outlets utilizing existing tie-in points
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